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ELC Limos Designs Party Bus For Sale

Your clients will undoubtedly enjoy the amenities afforded by this premier Party Bus!

ELC Limos Designs presents a custom built, crowd attracting 2013 Glaval Ford F-550 party bus for sale! If there was ever a time to jump on a good deal for your business, this would be it. It's great for all types of events at a 26 passenger capacity with extra space for luggage, so you'll be sure to maximize your profit with this lovely party bus. It's updated with all new amenities and an interior design that is both attractive and appealing to all groups!

When you buy a party bus from ELC Limos Designs, you can be sure of the following:

Points to consider for the party bus or limousine company owner:

As you know, being a business owner comes with taking some risks for the benefit of your company. Before you decide on buying a new or used party bus, there are some things you probably haven't even thought about that will surely affect your business! You'll want to think about some of the following information before you conclude your informed decision.

Before you buy a used bus...

Buying a used bus is definitely an option to consider! It seems like the best idea off the bat, considering the fact that it's considerably less money than taking a plunge with a new party bus. If you don't tread carefully, though, you could take on a bigger problem than you originally thought. When buying a used party bus, there's a big chance that you're buying a vehicle with a ton of problems, after all, you have to wonder why they decided to sell it! If you're buying an older party bus, it might have wear and tear that will have you buying new parts sooner than you thought. Don't buy a vehicle that will have you dealing with a breakdown when there's a wedding party on board, as you probably won't be able to recover from that type of blow to your reputation! However, you can get a really great deal on a used party bus if you decide to take a certified mechanic with you who can tell you about the overall condition of the vehicle and if it's worth it! Good luck!

Before you buy a new bus...

It seems as though buying a new party bus is out of the questions for most companies because of the high sticker price. Although it is indeed a considerably higher price than a used bus, you might decide it's the best idea after considering the negatives of buying a used party bus. After all, a great reputation is priceless when it comes to the transportation industry, as you're bound to get more business with a reputation of having durable and fresh vehicles. However, there are some negatives about buying a brand new party bus. You'll have to deal with things such as higher insurance and greater liability when it comes to accidents, as your insurance company could drop you completely! This would be deadly to your business, as you can't provide service with no insurance. Parts for newer vehicles are also more expensive. However, a fleet of new buses are sure to get your more business!

Customers love the nightclub atmosphere that neon lighting brings. You'll find it on the following surfaces:

Sound systems are all the rage with the younger crowd. We have premium audio with the following features:

You'll find convenient refreshment amenities on this party bus such as:

→Also, these can't miss features!←

HD televisions with DVD players

Removable stripper poles for entertainment