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Hong Thai Restaurant

5600 La Centre Ave Ste 110, Albertville, MN 55301
Hong Thai is an excellent establishment where you can go to enjoy some seriously good and delicious and authentic Southeast Asian food, specifically from Thailand. They pride themselves on making food with high quality ingredients and food that has been made expediently and authentically. They have all of your favorite, traditional Thai meals such as Massaman Curry, Pad Prik, Pad See Ew, and of course, the ever popular Pad Thai dish. The folks at Hog Thai Restaurant have a unique and undying love of delicious food and you will be sure to love every experience that you have there.

Hilltop Bar

29953 109th Ave N, Hanover, MN 55341
If you are looking for an awesome, relaxing bar to head to during your night after work or on the weekend to hang out with some friends then you simply must head to Hilltop Bar. It is the favorite bar of many of the locals and visitors of the Hanover area, without a doubt, and for good reasons. They are simply excellent in every regard at Hanover's Hilltop Bar. They are widely regarded for serving some of the best burgers around, and it is hard to argue with that. They also have incredibly polite servers and bartenders who are always attentive and will make sure that you are always enjoying your experience.

Rosewood Eatery & Market

8837 Walnut Pl, Rockford, MN 55373
Specializing in old fashioned, classic American cuisine, Rosewood Eatery & Market is a fantastic establishment where they pride themselves on serving up the freshest and highest quality of ingredients. They greatly pride themselves on cooking up food the old fashioned way, and completely from scratch. They love cooking great food, and they love using high quality, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. They are all about providing their guests with the highest quality of experiences and meals. If you head over to Rosewood Eatery & Market for a meal you will absolutely not regret it.

Millside Tavern

12885 40th St NE, Saint Michael, MN 55376
Millside Tavern is a fantastic hidden gem in the Hanover area that many people don't even realize is there, but once you head there just once you will be sure to be hooked. The regulars at Millside Tavern are extremely warm and welcoming and will not hesitate to engage you in conversation. You will be blown away by the reasonable prices of their drinks and their menu items, which are wide ranging for such a humble establishment. We strongly recommend that you try out their fantastic Reuben sandwiches which are expertly crafted and always fresh and delicious. They also have an excellent selection of beers and specialty cocktails that you simply must try out.

El Bamba Mexican Restaurant

5986 Main Ave NE, Albertville, MN 55301
If you are in the Hanover area and are looking for a place to pick up some truly delicious and authentic Mexican food then you need to look no further than El Bamba Mexican Restaurant on Main Avenue. They pride themselves on being nothing like a fast food Mexican restaurant. Everything at El Bamba is fresh, right down to their salsa. It is all made fresh in their modern kitchen. They go to great lengths to be recognized as the best provider of Mexican and Latin cuisine in all of the Albertville and Hanover area. They do this by serving up remarkably fresh food and drinks that are of the highest possible quality, along with excellent service, and unending professionalism.