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Nacho's Mexican Grill

1002 Main St, Hopkins, MN 55343
Located in the heart of Downtown Hopkins, Nacho's Mexican Grill is one of the most beloved establishments in all of the area. They have a remarkable, authentic menu that ranges from tacos to burritos to tortas to tamales. They have extremely high quality foods that are always hot, fresh, and delicious. The decor is minimal but it is extremely festive and charming. The prices are extremely reasonable and the portions are remarkably large. If you are looking for a place to grab some delicious, authentic Mexican food then you absolutely do not want to pass up on Nacho's Mexican Grill. They are simply fantastic in every way.

Hoagie's Restaurant

824 Main St, Hopkins, MN 55343
Hoagie's provides a fantastic small town feel in the heart of the bustling city of Hopkins. They are extremely quaint and rustic, with an old box TV on the wall, a 60's aesthetic with light wood and brass lighting, and a kitschy vintage decor choice. The service staff is extremely attentive, warm, and inviting. They will always make sure that your coffee cup is filled, and that your are enjoying your meal. The prices are extremely reasonable and you will be sure to thank them for saving the mass of your wallet. The portions are also fantastic, but the best part about Hoagie's Restaurant is the quality of the meals. Every single item on their menu is simply fantastic and it tastes remarkable too.

Pub 819

819 Main Street, Hopkins, MN 55343
Pub 819 is an eclectic, fantastic establishment that is a regular spot for many alcohol aficionados of the Hopkins area. They are all about whiskey, beer, and juicy burgers at Pub 819. They feature over 80 different types of whiskey, 32 different types of craft beer, and a great rotating menu of burger options. A nice relaxing joint to load off and enjoy a meal and some drinks with some friends. There is something extremely charming and elegant about Pub 819 that simply can not be replicated. If you are a big fan of sitting back and enjoying a drink with some friends while digging into some delicious burgers then Pub 819 is a convenient place to head to.

Tibet Corner

802 Main Street, Hopkins, MN 55343
Tibet Corner is a remarkable, buffet style Indian and Himalayan style restaurant that is world renowned. Not many local restaurants can say that they have been visited by the Dalai Lama, but Tibet Corner can! They are a family owned and operated restaurant that serves up authentic Tibetan and Indian cuisines that you will be sure to love. They serve up Lunch Buffets on the weekdays. They also feature a great list of elegant wines and delicious beers that you will be sure to love indulging in. Whether you are a vegetarian or an avid meat eater, you will always be sure to find something to enjoy at Tibet Corner. They have a great amount of meals with authentic ingredients and distinct flavors and aromas.

Samba Taste of Brazil

922 Main St, Hopkins, MN 55343
Samba Taste of Brazil is a fantastic family owned and operated establishment that specializes in simply delicious and authentic Brazillian cuisine dishes. You will never have a hard time finding something that you love there, whether you are a big fan and veteran of Brazilian cuisine or if you are brand new to the fare style. The atmosphere is extremely family friendly and you will always be sure to love your experience there. We strongly recommend that you don't leave without trying one of their delicious molten chocolate cakes either. Their wine list is extremely well priced and filled with elegant bottles that you will need to try. Their service is also remarkably prompt and attentive.