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Party Bus Deephaven Night Life

#1: Floyd's Bar

Floyd's Bar is truly a bar, not a restaurant, and yet they have excellent food that you'll really enjoy noshing on while you're there. This is the perfect hangout for you and your party bus pals to enjoy during your Minneapolis Party Bus trip in Deephaven. We could just dive into their delicious shrimp and we're so hooked on their potato skins. If you're there early, you might want to try a breakfast sandwich! No better way to start the day. They've got great live music on most summer nights and that makes it a really perfect place to spend those hot steamy nights. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the best. Find this one at 1758 Arboretum Boulevard!

#2: Hazellewood Grill & Tap

Another excellent American bar that Minneapolis Party Bus loves in the Deephaven area is Hazellewood Grill & Tap. They've been going strong for about a decade now if we're counting right, and they just get better and better with each and every year that passes. There's a restaurant side and a bar side here, and it's always so happy and fun in the bar area. It really puts you in a great mood for your Minneapolis Party Bus outing in Deephaven. For us, it's all about the popovers with hazelnut butter, and we're also in love with the florentine benedict with smoked gouda hash browns! Oh, my! Definitely above average here. Located at 5635 Manitou Road!

#3: Haskell's

Haskell's is a lakefront bar and restaurant that Minneapolis Party Bus customers in the Deephaven area seem to absolutely adore. They're known for their impressive selection of beer, wine, and spirits. You'll want to enjoy wonderful conversation for hours on their lakeview patio, noshing on their delicious walleye fingers and diving into a nice healthy fresh Asian chicken salad! They're open until 1 almost every single night, just closing up an hour earlier at midnight on Sundays. They've got a nice mix of juke box music and live music here, so there's always something good to groove to. You will be able to find this great establishment at 1 Water Street!

#4: School of the Wise

School of the Wise is a sensational wine bar and restaurant that all of us on the Minneapolis Party Bus staff have never been able to get enough of! The live music on the weekends is reason enough to head out to this Deephaven gem! But the food keeps pulling us back for more too. The sandwiches are absolutely delicious, and they've even got something special for the kiddies, a PB&J panini! How cute. We recommend sitting near the fireplace to really enjoy the amibiance here. Most recommended items? Gotta be the hot Italian beef and cheddar and the cobb salad! Open until 9 most nights, til 11 on Fri-Sat, and til 8 on Sundays. At 1750 Tower Blvd.

#5: Yumi's Sushi Bar

We think you will really be pleasantly surprised by all the delicious items you will find at Yumi's Sushi Bar. They have such surprises as the rainbow roll and lollipop roll, and we also go pretty wild over their spicy salmon and even the tonka roll! The Philadelphia rolls are really delicious with the smoked salmon and cream cheese, and we love the crab stick rolls too! Real crab here too, thank goodness! They also have sensational tempura and teriyaki, and we recommend it in both chicken and beef varieties! They have a nice beer and wine selection and great sake. Open til 9 most nights and til 10 on Fri-Sat. Find this one at 217 Water Street!

Zip codes for Deephaven: 55331, 55391