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Party Bus Datyon Night Life

#1: Billy's Bar & Grill

Friday fish frys are the prime time to come out to Billy's Bar & Grill to enjoy some really delectable food! Minneapolis Party Bus customers just love this place and they tell us that it's one of the real gems in the Dayton area. The inside is very nice when the weather relegates you there, but the outdoor patio is really where it's at! We love the nice tables with umbrellas to shield the sun, and just the overall vibe out there is so comfy and cozy in both daytime and night. There are rumors that this place is haunted! Eeenteresting! They're open until 1 most nights, til 2 on Fri-Sat, and closed on Sun. Located at 214 Jackson Street.

#2: Ole Piper Inn

Ole Piper Inn is a cool spot that combines a wonderful downstairs restaurant with a very cool upstairs sports bar. You'll love coming in for brunch, indulging in crazy god rancher's omelets and hangover hash browns! The Bloody Mary bar will take care of quenching that thirst! If you're there for lunch, the hot turkey sandwich is a must-have. They've remodeled in recent years to separate the dining area from the bar area, and that's really added a great deal of warm ambiance to the spot on both sides. The juke box has you covered as far as tunes go, and the best nights to come in are Monday, Friday, and Saturday. Located at 1416 93rd Lane Northeast.

#3: Casa Rio Tex Mex Restaurant

If Tex Mex is on your mind when you're traveling in Dayton with Minneapolis Party Bus, check out Casa Rio Tex Mex Restaurant! This is a really good spot if you're in the mood for a bar vibe with really great food. We love the fact that they always seem to be playing '80s music when we come in. It really adds to the cool and laid back feeling of the establishment. The mahi mahi tacos have got to be one of our top choices on the menu and we're also straight up in love with their Tex Mex chili! Too delish. Even the starter of chips and salsa is just too delectable. Great seafood chimichangas too! Find this unforgettable spot at 201 Jackson Street.

#4: Maple Tavern

A cozy American bar in the Dayton area is Maple Tavern, and we think that you will really enjoy this one when you're hitting the mean streets of Dayton with Minneapolis Party Bus. They really have some wild selections here, including a peanut butter and bacon burger that might sound a little off-putting at first, but it is SO delicious, trust us! The fish is also super fresh and good here. You'll really enjoy kicking back with your buddies and swaying to the live music that tantalizes your eardrums. Open until 2 every single night of the week, making it our top late-night destination in the area! Find this one at 9375 Deerwood Lane in nearby Maple Grove.

#5: Osaka Sushi & Hibachi

If you're a lover of sushi and hibachi and you're out here in Dayton with Minneapolis Party Bus, you've got to check out Osaka Sushi & Hibachi in nearby Coon Rapids! Oh, our customers just adore this place! They serve such generous portions of fresh sushi at such affordable prices, making it a really ideal place for party bus travelers who are looking to save dough but still get quality. The winter roll is one of our favorite flavors on the menu, with the spicy girl coming in a very close second. The fried rice is also amazing and very highly recommended! There's a full bar here and plenty of space for groups! Found at 12580 Riverdale Boulevard!

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