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Party Bus Chanhassen Night Life

#1: Kai's Sushi & Grill

Minneapolis Party Bus isn't afraid to compare Kai's Sushi & Grill to the best of the best when it comes to sushi restaurants! That's because we've been to 'em all and this one still stands out as one of the best! The bento box is our favorite way to have lunch here, complete with yummy vegetable tempura and of course some gyoza! Yum! They have some really exciting rolls here that are different from the norm, including the happy scallop roll and the banana mania roll! The service is some of the friendliest that we have ever been treated to, and they're great at suggesting something delicious if you can't make up your mind. Find them at 586 West 78th Street!

#2: Houlihan's

Houlihan's is one of the best Irish pubs that we have ever visited in the Chanhassen area, and that's why we're always recommending it to our Minneapolis Party Bus customers. This is a wonderful lunch spot and it's a nice choice for dinner as well! The French dip sandwich is one of the best choices as far as we're concerned, and it doesn't hurt to pair that with a nice glass of wine either! The folks who work here are incredibly friendly and just wonderful to be around. They'll make sure that your needs are tended to and that you and your party bus buddies have an amazing time there! Don't sip the house salads! So good. Find it at 530 Pond Promenade!

#3: Buffalo Wild Wings

Minneapolis Party Bus has always recommended Buffalo Wild Wings to our Chanhassen area customers because they deliver such a consistently wonderful experience. Wings lovers are absolutely in heaven here because they have both bone-in and boneless wings, and the choice of sauces is just amazing! They line up the sauce bottles from mild to hot so that you can choose based on your personal taste preferences. We love the mango habanero and the garlic wings! Mmm! The tall beers are just wonderful here, both for your buzz and for your wallet, because they're so affordable! You can find this B. Dub's location at 550 West 79th Street!

#4: Na's Thai Cafe

If you are a lover of incredibly mouth-watering Thai food, Na's Thai Cafe is the place to be in the Chanhassen area with Minneapolis Party Bus. The atmosphere is just awesome. This is not one of those strip mall Thai places. It's charming and cozy, with a full lunch buffet and a huge array of curry dishes that will tickle your tastebuds to no end! We always love starting off with some spring rolls and chicken satay. Can't think of anything better than that, though the whole menu is packed with delicious choices! They're open until 9 most nights and until 10 on Fridays and Saturdays. Closed Sundays. Find this irresistible spot at 566 West 78th Street.

#5: Axel's Restaurant

Axel's is a more upscale choice in the Chanhassen area, perhaps the only upscale choice in this area, and it's well worth the slightly higher prices. You absolutely get what you pay for here. You'll see families and groups of friends dining here, celebrating special occasions or just enjoying a night out together. The service is absolutely excellent, about as good as it gets at any restaurant in the area! They happily accept reservations, they're more than able to accommodate bigger groups, and they of course have a full bar right there at your fingertips all night long. Great outdoor seating too, and even TVs for the sports fans! At 560 West 78th Street!

Zip codes for Chanhassen: 55317