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Party Bus Champlin Night Life

#1: Buona Sera Ristorante

Italian food is at its very best at Buona Sera Ristorante, and the fact that this is also one of the best little wine bars that you will ever encounter in the Champlin area makes it a must-visit for your Minneapolis Party Bus itinerary! The chef's name is Raffaele and you will be so impressed with the authentic style and homemade recipes that are brought to the table. We love the fact that the entire staff is so welcoming and that they treat you like a king or a queen during your visit. Our favorite dish is the lobster ravioli special with shrimp and scallops! Just amazing. That's a trio you can't help but fall in love with. Find this one at 11949 West River Road.

#2: Clive's Roadhouse

By far, one of Minneapolis Party Bus's favorite restaurants in the Champlin area is Clive's Roadhouse! This amazing barbecue restaurant is the gem of Champlin and we just know that you will enjoy your visit there with all of your party bus friends. The chicken fried chicken is one of our favorite things to indulge in here, and we've also been known to dive into a huge reuben sandwich with sweet potato fries on the side! Yum! The drinks are just wonderful here, so strong and flavorful and cheap. Nice outdoor seating as well that you might want to take advantage of! You will be able to find this great hangout at 11680 Theatre Drive North!

#3: Ruby Tuesday

If there's one chain restaurant that the Minneapolis Party Bus staff can never resist, it's Ruby Tuesday! We like the place precisely because it doesn't feel like a chain. It's a little more upscale feeling since their brand overhaul, and the bar area is just a wonderful place to sit and enjoy a few drinks with your party bus buddies. The salad bar is something that we're always singing the praises of, and that's because it is so loaded with fresh items that you can pile up for a yummy treat that's healthy or indulgent depending on your personal preference! Great steaks and burgers here too! Find it at 11469 Marketplace Drive North!

#4: Maverick's Wood Grill

A whole lot of our Minneapolis Party Bus customers were recommending Maverick's Wood Grill to us, until we finally tried it and now we're recommending it to them! This is a great one in the Champlin area, and we'd describe it as neighborhood restaurant meets dive bar. Love the vibe and we think you will too! They've got the dining area and the bar area separated, and we like that because you can start your night off with some delicious food in a low-key atmosphere and then head over into the bar area for some tasty drinks and a wild time with your friends! Lots of party bus fun to be had here. Find Maverick's at 11328 West River Road.

#5: Q Fanatic

Q Fanatic refers to 'que, 'cue, or to be more clear, barbecue! And if you are a barbecue fanatic like we are on the Minneapolis Party Bus staff, then you really should check this one out when you're in Champlin with us. They have so many yummy BBQ items to choose from here, there's no shortage of flavor, that's for sure! The brisket is probably our favorite, followed by the amazing pulled pork and the mouth watering ribs! The roasted veggies make a perfect side to all that goodness. The only thing missing here is a bar, so go here first for your viddles and then head out to a bar on the party bus! Find Q Fantatic at 180 Miller Road! One of the best!

Zip codes for Champlin: 55316